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Zelda Ocarina of Time is one of those games you never forget. For decades gamers have been delighted by The Legend of Zelda. The game series is truly a timeless masterpiece that until today, the spirit of the games, and its lovable characters lives in the hearts of millions worldwide.

Here we present the Zelda Ocarina and other Ocarina variations so accurately made that they seem to jump out of the game. You will feel you have actually stepped into the game into the world of Zelda.

12 Hole Zelda Tenor Ocarina (Special Edition) and Rupee Soprano Ocarina with Zelda Songbooks

This is the ultimate package for Legend of Zelda fans.

Zelda OcarinaThis special edition of 12 hole Zelda tenor ocarina is a new design, with a pitch range from A4 to F6. Not only do you get the Special Edition 12 hole Zelda Tenor Ocarina, you will also get a Rupee Soprano Ocarina with 4 colors to choose from. Plus, you will also get a Zelda Songbook – 2 volumes!

Oh, this package also comes with a free protective bag for your Ocarinas. I don’t know what more you could possible want.  This package is complete!

This is truly an amazing package that any Zelda Fan or musician will enjoy for many many years!

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6 Hole Legend of Zelda Shield Ocarina

Shield Zelda OcarinaThis truly a unique design for a Zelda Ocarina!

Size: 3×2 inches / 7.62×5.08 cm long

Pitch: C5 to E6 including sharps and flats

With this Ocarina you get a free instructional booklet and a neck strap so you can bring your Ocarina where ever you go! Show off your Ocarina to everyone!

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Also as an additional bonus for getting the Shield Zelda Ocarina, you will have access to the forum where you can download these free tablatures for your ocarina:

1. Ocarina of Time title themeDark Shield Zelda Ocarina

2. Zelda’s Lullaby

3. Kakariko Village

4. Epona’s Song

5. Song of Time

6. Serenade of Water

7. Song of Healing

8. Twilight Princess Title Theme

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Legend of Zelda Ocarina

If you are looking for The Legend of Zelda Ocarina, you will be pleased to find out that you can get your hands on an exact replica as the one in the game. These hand crafted flutes look so much like the one you are familiar with, you will actually feel like you are in the game.

A replica of the Ocarina not only looks gorgeous, it also is a fully functional musical instrument as well. Yes, if you want to have your very own working flute that you can show off to you your friends, an Ocarina is probably the best thing to get.

What this means is that this item is great for both musicians and gamers alike. Any flutist will be amazed at the range of notes that the ocarina produces. Different designs also produce different tones and scales, which mean you have a wide range to choose from, depending on your preferences.

The sound of the ocarina is exactly like the one in the game. Ethereal, mystical and unworldly, you will end up playing for countless hours just hearing the tones that will make time pass by so quickly. And don’t let the pure, beautiful tones make you believe that it is complicated to play. It is a simple instrument that even a child can learn how to play the ocarina.

Most of the Ocarina being sold online have songbooks bundles, so that you can play your ocarina songs in no time. You can even check out Youtube and you will find videos of people playing ocarina songs with ease.

Whether you are a Zelda fan or a musician of any level, the Legend of Zelda Ocarina is something you will truly enjoy. You can play with it, or heck, even just look at the beautiful craftsmanship. It is something that you must have for any gamer or musician.

Zelda Ocarina Guide

Without a doubt The Legend of Zelda Ocarina of Time has got to be one of the greatest games ever. It continues to be popular to this day despite first coming out more than 12 years ago. The Ocarina has come out of the game console and into the hands of Zelda fans and musicians alike. Those who have the game close to their hearts now have the chance to play the timeless tunes from the game. It is truly a dream come true for us Zelda fans

You can get an exact replica of the Ocarina, with its beautiful blue color and complete with the official Triforce logo. Although the Ocarina is relatively easy to play, just like learning anything new, it still requires a certain amount of practice. Most Ocarina for sale come with a Songbook, that will get you playing your favorite Zelda tunes in no time.

The Ocarina has also evolved into a huge array of different shapes, styles and colors. Some are so beautiful and ornamental that they can be used as decorative pieces for your home.

Whether you are a Zelda fan, a musician, or just appreciate beautiful pieces of art, the Ocarina will not fail to please you.

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For those of you who are huge fans of Zelda, and want to have your very own Ocarina, you have come to the right place.  Here we will reveal the best places to find exact replicas of Ocarinas as featured in the timeless classic, the Legend of Zelda, the Ocarina of Time.